Mach 2 Moth™

In 2008, Andrew McDougall began conceptualizing the next generation in moth design. Already responsible for many of the current moth records, McDougall drew upon all his design and sailing experience to develop the fastest moth in the world.

McDougall knew early on that this project would need a very special builder if it was to get off the drawing board and into the water in time for the 2009 Aussie International Moth Championships. Enter McConaghy Boats, builders of the "Fastest Boats on the Planet". McConaghy Boats understand strong, light and fast and in no time at all McConaghy partnered with McDougall and began to build the next generation of foiling moths. Drawing upon the two names McDougall / McConaghy and acknowledging the name of the 2nd moth ever built by founder John McConaghy, they formed Mach 2 Boats Pty Ltd.

Fast forward to the Zhik Aussie International Moth Championships at the Geelong race week and the débuted of hull #1. Delivered just 3 days prior to the first race and under the control of world Champion Simon Payne the Mach 2 finished a close 2nd taking line honours in 4 of the 10 races. An awesome result for the Mach 2 team on their first time out! The Mach 2 performed brilliantly in a range of conditions and proved to be very fast and strong. She’s since taken the Moth world by storm.

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